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Dance without borders

Because dance inspires change ...

Because dance breaks down boundaries,...

Help us bring a positive change to the lives of others through dance.


World Dance is a nonprofit organization that aims to contribute to sustainable development efforts through the promotion of dance, the reinforcement of artistic capabilities and the artistic education of disadvantaged children. Established in 2013 in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, this nonprofit brings together people who are passionate about dance and education.
At World Dance we stand for creating a positive change within individuals, communities, and the world. We believe dance has the power to inspire change and break down boundaries. We want to promote social awareness and bring change to the lives of others through dance.

Our Team


Amélie Verbraeken

Executive Director

Amélie started World Dance with a vision of using her passion for dance for positive social change. Since then the company has turned from an idea into an established organisation and a great team. As well as her entrepreneurial endeavours, including Political Sciences studies in Brussels, Amélie has had a noteworthy career as a Project Manager for international NGO’s, UNFPA and Belgian Cooperation in several African countries.

"Dancing is one of the most powerful liberating forces on earth and we are just beginning to understand what it can bring. Dance therapy is a means of expression and an incredible tool, especially within the dance culture of the Congo. Thus, we specialize in the rehabilitation of street girls, using dance as art therapy to allow the girls to express through the body what their voices no longer can say."

Curtis Sanza

Artistic Director

Curtis is trained as a dancer/choreographer and is also a consummate, professional manager. He has had a noteworthy career as a professional dancer, working with some of the world’s top choreographers. He has a passion to create a global community that crosses the boundaries of culture, and be a part of bringing positive change in the lives of others.

"Before, we lived off occasional small dance contracts, and oftentimes we were barely paid, if at all. Today, World Dance has structured our work, and operates as an agency finding employment for us, and also ensuring and enforcing our rights. Now, the dancers are always paid, and have become professionals thanks to our training. With World Dance, some of us have become teachers, and earn a regular income from our passion. It is a great fulfillment to share with young people these life moments."

Daina Sunguza

Founding Member

Sese Bomboko

Honorary President

Camille Rouaud

Founding Member

Trésor Maneno

Founding Member

Hervé Otschudi

Founding Member

The Dancers

World Dance has a team of 20 dancers, specializing in a wide range of dance styles,
including multi-talented acrobats, contortionists and fire breathers.

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We believe self-awareness and personal development are at the heart of social change. With a decent training and employment, we are empowered to make changes in all aspects of our lives.


Knowing your responsibility, potential impact and value are important aspects to gaining confidence, skills and experience to give back to your community.


Giving back to our communities by understanding who we are as individuals, and how our purpose within our communities allows us to be positive global citizens.